May 04 2015
Payouts from Insurance Companies for U.S. long-term care coverage hit $7.85 billion last year, according to the American Association for Long Term Care. That was a 5% increase over the prior year. One client comes to mind that recently had.
Mar 06 2015

Greed is Back!

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There are many publications, internet sites & talking heads that provide their own measurement for 'fear or greed' indexes around the stock market. The goal of each, generally, is to quantify which emotion rules the day in the world of.
How to Survive a Layoff
Feb 20 2015
For the last 40 years, David has worked for a major oil and gas company. He has been in charge of one of their business units and is one of just a few thousand in the world that possess his.
Protect Yourself From 21st Century Crime
Jan 21 2015
Baby Boomers are a large percentage of our total U.S. population. They’ve driven the economy for six decades and today control much of the wealth in our country. Because of this their nest-eggs, they are targets of financial fraud. Because.
Sell Your Mutual Funds Now
Dec 11 2014
Study after study has documented how dismal the performance is by managers of actively managed mutual funds. A recent study by professors Barras, Scaillet & Wermers concluded that a mere 0.6% of managers of U.S. stock mutual funds added any.
Sep 25 2014
So how did ‘tax day’ go for you this year? Are you retired and wondering why you’re paying so much in taxes? Millions of retired Americans wonder what happened to the supposition of lower taxes into retirement. Whether you’re already.
Sep 22 2014
Think you’re ready to retire? Hopefully you’ve figured out what you want to ‘do’ when you grow up. If retirement is simply an escape from your work, you may be setting yourself up for some not so golden years. TRUE.
Business growth chart and bull
Sep 11 2014
Stock markets have rocketed forward since October of 2011, interrupted only once with a needed correction. Market returns for the last couple of years have been great; in fact, good enough to get most people finally back ‘even’ with where.